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Petition for tertiary student pricing on Wellington Public Transport

This is a petition to get "half" fares for all tertiary students who use the Wellington public transport system. Our reasons for starting this petition are as follows: - Most Uni/Polytech students are poor, 'cause they have no time to get a job around study. - Having to pay less to get to and from uni would help students pay back their massive loans faster. - We don't measure up to other uni cities in this regard. Auckland, Palmerston North, Christchurch and many other cities around NZ and the world do something for their tertiary students in terms of public transport, why can't Wellington? -Currently, the "student" rate is only available to students in secondary school. Many of Wellington's Tertiary Students have shown their IDs only to be told "No, the student discount is only for secondary students." This makes no sense. Plus, secondary students' parents often pay their fares, whereas most tertiary students have to fend for themselves. -We have received lots of stories of students who drive because petrol is CHEAPER than public transport. In a city that is trying to promote a "green" image, this is simply not acceptable. I started this petition for the sake of the many students out there who struggle to make ends meet. I feel bad for the many students who spend loads of money on the train (and bus) compared to the secondary students, who all get half price fares. What we want is: - The "student" fare to be edited so ALL students, whether secondary OR tertiary, who show ID when they buy their public transport tickets get the half rate. Not a big ask, right? (esp. when all buses in Palmerston North are FREE for students with ID!) Come on Wellington Regional Council, help our city grow by giving the students who will one day be its workforce a helping hand! P.S. to get updates about what is happening on here, please visit and like our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/WPTTSPP

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